Tuesday, February 11, 2020

New Release Liquid Studio 2020 v18.0.1

NEW RELEASE Liquid Studio 2020 - 18.0.1

Liquid Studio 2020

Data Mapper

  • NEW PostgreSQL database integration
  • NEW VistaDB 6 database integration
  • Added SQLite libraries to installer
  • Added PostgreSQL libraries to installer
  • Added option to append to TextFile CSV Data Target
  • Fixed stack overflow issue when using large lookup lists
  • Fixed issue using SQLite from generated libraries
  • Fixed issue using VistaDB 5 from generated libraries
  • Fixed issues with data Encoding in XML Writer component

XML Data Binder

  • Added .Net Core 3.1 option for C# and Visual Basic .Net generated projects
  • Added ASYNC_FROMXMLFILE option for LINUX builds
  • Fixed missing Visual Basic .Net entries in command line processing
  • Upgraded C++ runtime to use Expat 2.2.9 for security fixes

Liquid XML Objects

  • NEW LjSerializer to Read and Write the XML Object Model as JSON documents
  • NEW Web Extensions to allows Liquid XML Objects to be used as arguments in an MVC or MVCCore Controller
  • NEW XSD Attributes to allow numeric formatting rules
  • NEW Caddy file to allow numeric formatting rule
  • Added thread safe code to LxSerializer
  • Fixed issue with pluralizing names

JSON Schema Editor

  • Fixed issue with dependencies not being written
  • Fixed issue with nested root schema references
  • Fixed issue with self referencing schema

JSON Editor

  • Fixed issue with using Ctrl+Tab
  • Fixed issue with overflow when reading decimal values
  • Fixed issue parsing decimals from a string with an exponent
  • Fixed issue deserializing empty array
  • Fixed issue deserializing empty string

WSDL Editor

  • Fixed issue loading WSDL containing embedded XSD where an import element's schameLocation has a relative path
  • Fixed issue with using soap:fault name attribute

WADL Editor

  • Fixed issue loading WADL containing embedded XSD where an import element's schameLocation has a relative path

Visual Studio Integration

  • Improvided usage in Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019 on High DPI monitors

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Liquid Studio 2019 v17.1.14

Liquid Studio 2019 - 17.1.14
  • Fixed DPI issues, Toolbar issues and Web Serive Test Client issues in Micorsoft Visual Studio Extensions (VSIX).
  • Updated XML Data Binder VB6 Runtime to use DOMDocument60 not DOMDocument40.
  • General Fixes.
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Friday, October 25, 2019

Liquid Studio 2019 v17.1.13

Liquid Studio 2019 - 17.1.13
  • Added option in Data Mapper XML Writer to 'Write as CDATA'.
  • Fixed issue in XML Data Binder Linux C++ Runtime linking to PCRE.
  • General Fixes.
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Friday, October 18, 2019

Liquid Studio 2019 v17.1.12

Liquid Studio 2019 - 17.1.12
  • Added Collection Naming options to Liquid XML Objects (Defaults to plural).
  • Fixed XML Data Binder when changing IgnoreOptionalElementDefaults value Wizard now automatically deletes mapping files and reloads schema.
  • General Fixes
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Monday, October 14, 2019

Do your XML tools support JSON?

A question we were recently asked was 'Do your XML tools support JSON?'. Liquid XML started off as an XML based toolset but has expanded to support other technologies including JSON.

Here is a useful list of links to JSON related pages on our web site:

JSON Graphical Schema Editor:

JSON Editor

JSON to JSON Schema:

JSON Sample Generator:

JSON Schema Documentation Generator:

JSON Data Mapping:

JSON Data Binding with JAVA
JSON Data Binding with C++

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