Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Liquid Studio 2021 v19.0.7


Announcing Liquid Studio 2021 v19.0.7:

  • Added option in Data Mapper to generate an example Microsoft Azure Function
  • Fixed Data Mapper Runtime for compatibility with Asp.Net Core App 3.1
  • Fixed issue in XML Data Binder for enums containing spaces in C#, C++, Java and Visual Basic .Net
  • Fixed XML Data Binder issue when using IgnoreUnknownElements and xs:all
  • General Fixes

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Recent XML Community Forum Questions

Here are links to recent questions raised and answered in our Liquid Technologies XML Community Forum:

How to add schemaLocation when using LxSerializer
Some of the customers of our exported XML files requested that we add xsi:schemaLocation="http:aaa.org/bbb/ccc" to the top level element....

How to append the standalone directive to generated xml
I generate c# code based on a xsd schema. I want to use the directive standalone in the generated xml...

Command Line to Generate C#/DLL/EXE?
Do you have a way to use the command line to generate the DLL/EXE or C# code that's being generated...

Removing destination filename results in console error
In the parameter collection, I'd like to be able to set the OutputFileName to whatever I want...

It is not possible to cast a Node to a String?
I am attempting to map an XML file to JSON and receive this error when I try to do the mapping...

Error on instantiating ParameterCollection?
I have referenced the LiquidTechnologies.DataMapper.Runtime and atttempted to initialize some parameters...

Using datamapper to create a DLL (not exe) - Error: The type 'ParameterCollection' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced.
I'm attempting to reference this the DLL that I generated with DataMapper in C# code.  When I use the GeneratedTransform object to transform my data...

How to use the generated DLL from the datamapper?
I'm attempting to use the generated DLL in the same fashion that the EXE is used...

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Liquid Studio 2021 v19.0.6

Announcing Liquid Studio 2021 v19.0.6:

  • Added 'Validate' and 'Create Sample XML' options to XSD source editor Tools menu
  • Fixed issue with multi-select in Project Tree
  • Fixed issue in XML Sample Builder where elements were greyed out when derived from abstract complex types and derived by extension or restriction
  • General Fixes

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