Thursday, November 21, 2013

Liquid XML 2014 BETA - XML Schema 1.1, Visual Studio 2013 + lots more

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We are excited to announce the Beta of the next version of our popular XML Development suite, Liquid XML 2014.

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What's New in 2014?

XML Schema 1.1 Support
XSD 1.1 AlternativeThe Liquid XML Schema model now supports the XSD 1.1 standard. This adds many useful constructs including asserts, openContent and alternatives. These constructs can be modelled and edited graphically, and XML 1.1 compliant instance documents can then be validated against XSD 1.1 schemas.

Choice of XSD Engines
The XML and XSD validation processor has been completely re-written for 2014. It now supports a plugin architecture making it possible to select the validation engine to be used for XML schema and XML document validation. These validation engines also operate asynchronously providing background validation as you type. The 2014 edition supports the .Net 4.0 XSD Engine, and the Xerces XSD Engine.

Liquid XML Inline Properties
In-line XSD Properties and annotations
Although it has always been possible to view and edit the properties on each entity within an XML Schema model view via the properties window, until now only limited information has been displayed in-line. This has its drawbacks, especially if your printing the diagrams. New in 2014, all property values that have been set or inherited are shown in-line within the view, making it much easier to read the schema.

Liquid XML Studio Restrictions
Improved support for type restrictions
Type restrictions can be thought of as anti-inheritance, instead of adding to a type, it restricts the allowed content. The W3C XSD rules are very complex in this area, and up until now there was no specific support for restrictions. With Liquid XML Studio 2014 that changes and restrictions have their own editor. This makes it possible to see which entities are available in the restricted type, and also see the effective properties on each entity within it.
A template is provided making it easy to add or remove the types defined in the base by simply clicking on the +/- icons.

Visual Studio 2013 Support
The following tools are now supported within Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
- XSD Editor (1.0 and 1.1)
- WSDL Editor (1.1 and 2.0)
- XPath Query Builder
- Web Service Test Client

Improved Spell Checking
The spell checker now automatically includes all the keywords defined in the validating schemas associated with an XML document. So all the element and attribute names are automatically white-listed.

Flatten XSD function
A tool to take multiple XSDs and flatten the include XSD into a single file. This is useful when deploying an XSD as it makes it easier to work with from within an application, and some older tools.

Integrated Support for very large (TB files)
The Liquid XML Studio environment now integrates the Large File editor. The large file editor can open files over 1TB in size instantly. As the editor does not load the entire file into memory, it can operate very quickly on huge data sets.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Code Generation
Liquid XML Data Binder now provides code generation of project files for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Including Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic .Net and Silverlight 5.

Microsoft Visual C++ 12 Liquid Runtimes
Liquid XML Data Binder now provides runtime files for Microsoft Visual C++ 12, part of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

Download Liquid XML 2014 Beta