Monday, June 23, 2014

XML Editor Software Update 2 Performance and Stability Release

We are pleased to announce a new release of our XML Editor software, Liquid XML Studio 2014.

Update 2 provides better Performance and Stability for editing XML, XSD and WSDL documents and includes:
  • Faster XML Document Loads Times
  • Improved XML Document Validation
  • Improved Progress Monitoring from the Status Bar
  • Improved XML Breadcrumb Bar and XML Document Outline Tree node descriptions
  • Added Command Line support for opening multiple XML files
  • Added Windows Explorer support for opening multiple XML files
  • Added URL tooltips and colour coding to XSD Dependency Viewer
  • Removed diagonal lines from read only XSD items
  • Improved read only XSD item Tooltips
  • Improved default ordering of Error List
  • Improved Find in Files
  • Fix for Large File Editor stability
  • fix for WSDL editor with no schema section
  • Fix for opening empty XSD from WSDL
  • Fix for running XML Diff from inside XML Studio
  • Fix for Project file stability
  • Fix for SVN file monitoring stability
  • General improvements and fixes

Liquid XML 2014 Update 2 is FREE update for all 2014 license holders or those with current Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP).

Download a free Trial:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Opening Large XML Documents

The Liquid XML Editor can open XML documents of any size so there is not an XML file size limit.

Features are automatically turned on and off depending on the size of the document as follows:

  • XML Documents < 2 MB - All features (Syntax Highlighting, Document Outlining, Intellisense) default value = ON.
  • XML Documents > 2 MB - Document Outlining default value = OFF.
  • XML Documents > 15 MB - Large File Editor is used by default*.

*You can change this value using Tools->Options->Environment->Max File Size in MB. Values of 30MB+ have been used without issue, but performance degrades with file size so 15MB is the default.

The Large File Editor can open files of any size (tested to 2GB+) as it pages the data from disk. This restricts the functionality, but still allows you to use the tools Format Document and Validation.