Tuesday, June 16, 2009

XML Schema Tutorial


We have had excellent feedback saying the XML Schema Tutorial on our site has really helped to learn and understand XML concepts whilst using our XML Editor.

We had a couple of not so deliberate grammar issues which we have cleaned up, so if you are new to XML, please check it out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Legacy Code Generation Issue

We recently got a support question regarding the fact the XML Data Binder 2009 Service Pack 1 generated more files and different code than the previous release.

This is true as we fixed an issue when using Element References with inheritance and changing the type within the XML Document using xsi:type="...". This issue was due to the Element Refs not using interfaces and so this was fixed.

The effect of this was that users generating code from schema that made use of Element Refs would see different code generated from the previous version, and if they did not use xsi:type would not benefit them.

In order to resolve this, we have release Liquid XML Studio 2009 version 7.1.4 which include a new option in the XML Data Binding Wizard that allows you to select whether or not Element Refs generate as Interfaces.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

New XML Data Binding Code Generation C++ Runtime for Linux

It's been a while since we provided a new Linux gcc Runtime for the XML Data Binding Code Generator, but there has been compatibility issues when compiling with gcc 4.2.4 whilst linking against our C++ libraries.

So, we are pleased to announce that Liquid XML 7.1.3 is available for download and it contains a new C++ Runtime for Linux built with gcc 4.2.4 (x86 32 bit) on ubuntu 8.0.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Liquid XML Studio 2009 Service Pack 1 - Coming Soon

As we are packaging Liquid XML Studio 2009 Service Pack 1 for release next week, we thought you'd like a heads up on what to expect.

Service Pack 1 is a substantial product update with major new functionality along with enhancements and fixes to current functionality.

New Functionality Includes:
  • New Graphical XML Editor for tree and tabular XML data entry
  • New Source Control Integration for Microsoft SCC API supported source control systems and ToroiseSVN command line integration
  • New .Net 2.0 & 3.5 Compact Framework XML Data Binding Runtimes
Enhancements Include:
  • Added Redo to Graphical XSD Editor
  • Added Tooltips to nodes within the Graphical XSD Editor
  • Added XSD Annotations Dialog
  • Added Clone Method to C++ Runtimes
Fixes Include:
  • Fixed Linux Thread locking Issues
  • Fixed IBindingList .Net 2.0, .Net 3.5 and Silverlight 2 Runtimes
  • Fixed Schema Validation Issues
  • Fixed Import Wizard URI Issues
  • Fixed Stability Issues
We would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your feedback, without which we wouldn't be able to provide the continual improvements to make Liquid XML Studio 2009 the best XML development environment available.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trade in your old XML Editor and get up to 50% discount off Liquid XML!!

We have recently launch a new initiative to help ease the cost of moving to Liquid XML.

We are happy to offer up to 50% discount for competitive upgrades, please see Altova XMLSpy, Oxygen XML Editor and Stylus Studio for details.

Don't miss out, upgrade your old XML Editor today!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Yes, we eat our own dog food!

At a recent XML event, we were ask whether or not we use Liquid XML in house...of course we do!

Along with using Liquid XML for our consultancy work, we also use Liquid XML to write Liquid XML!!

Liquid XML Data Binder was used to generate C# Data Binding libraries for our new Project files (lxsproj) and we have long used the Liquid XML Data Binder to generate code for the Liquid XML Data Binding Wizard project (xdbproj) files.

Our support and testing teams also make extensive use of Liquid XML Studio 2009 for validating XML Schema and XML documents.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Microsoft .Net 2 SP1 Breaking Changes

We recently received feedback about an issue with the HTML Documentation Wizard failing to generate any files (see Knowledge Base). When we investigated further we found that the latest build 7.0.2 had an optimization included to run Garbage Collection to reduce the memory footprint when generating as large XML Schema could cause memory issues.

Unfortunately, we fell foul of the fact that .Net 2 SP1 introduced methods that did not exist in .Net 2. So any code that targets .Net 2 but calls any of the new SP1 methods will break on PCs that don't have SP1. This is made more likely as Visual Studio 2008 installs .Net 2 SP1, but has no way of showing the SP1 only methods in the intellisense.

This is an issue we have previously picked up during testing E.g. when using the FileDialog.AutoUpgradeEnabled Property. But it would appear for our latest point release 7.0.2, the test environment had .Net 2 SP1 installed, so the issue was not picked up...a warning to all you .Net 2 developers!

For clarity, it would probably have been better if Microsoft had moved the version to 2.1 when they released .Net 2 Service Pack 1.

This issue will be fixed in the next point release of Liquid XML Studio, in the meantime you can fix this by installing .Net 2 SP1.

Monday, January 12, 2009

JSON Import/Export Support in Liquid XML Studio 2009

In the latest Liquid XML Studio 2009 point release 7.0.2, we have sneaked in support to import and export JSON files as XML.

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data-interchange format used by many web developers. You can now import your existing JSON file, view and edit it as an XML document and then export back into JSON format.

This is ideal for testing as you can validate the XML document against a schema, ensuring the JSON data is 100% valid.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ease the credit cruch this New Year with our 20% discount

Happy New Year

To welcome in the New Year, we are pleased to announce a special 20% discount on all purchases made directly from our web site for the whole of January!!

Liquid XML Studio 2009 is packed with all the essential XML tools for your project, and for a limited period you can now purchase it for an unbelievable price:

  • Liquid XML Studio 2009 Designer Edition = £115 ($175 / €125 approx.)
  • Liquid XML Studio 2009 Developer Edition = £395 ($600 / €429 approx.)

To claim your 20% discount when making your purchase, use the discount code: Jan09

Remember this discount code will only work in January 2009.