Saturday, February 27, 2021

NEW Liquid Studio 2021

We are pleased to announce the availability of Liquid Studio 2021 and Liquid XML Data Binder 2021, providing many new features and enhancements plus general performance and stability improvements.

The new release extends and improves on the existing functionality by introducing other new tools and technologies that our users have requested in order to continue to make Liquid Studio the best value XML development environment available.

NEW Liquid Data Diff Viewer

  • NEW Graphical compare of JSON documents
  • NEW Graphical compare of Text documents
  • NEW Save JSON Diffgram
  • Improved Graphical compare of XML documents

Liquid Studio Framework

  • Added option to upgrade settings from previously installed Liquid Studio
  • Added Schema Aware Spell Checker to all Text Editors
  • Added Indentation Guides to all Text Editors
  • Added new docked Find / Replace widow with incremental search
  • Improved support for High DPI monitors
  • Improved support for Dark Theme
  • Improved Folder Selection dialog
  • Improved Find In Files dialog
  • Improved Search Results Window
  • Performance Enhancements - faster application start up time
  • Performance Enhancements - faster project file loading times
  • Fixed issue where cancel was ignored when downlaoding large files
  • Fixed background color on invalid documents
  • Fixed PropertyGrid list height issues
  • Fixed issue finding SQL Databases

Data Mapper

  • NEW Code generator option to target .Net 5.0 for C#
  • NEW DB2 database integration
  • Improved Debugger Watch and Variable Stack Windows to handle new line and tab characters and show quotes around values to highlight whitespace
  • Performance Enhancements - faster Data Mapper file loading times
  • Performance Enhancements - faster component palette loading times
  • Fixed Component Palette state changing when switching between Data Mapper files
  • Fixed EDI code generation issues
  • Fixed issue input parameters contain multi line default values

XML Data Binder

  • NEW Code generator option to target .Net 5.0 for C# and Visual Basic .Net
  • NEW Linux Runtime support for gcc 10.2 / 9.3 / 8.4 / 7.5 / 6.5 / 5.5
  • Fixed serialization issue where newline was added to output when formatting was turned off
  • Fixed SampleApp path ignored when running from command line

Liquid XML Objects

  • NEW Code generator option to target .Net 5.0 for C# and Visual Basic .Net
  • NEW GenerateNsRegistration option to register the namespaces defined in the source XSD schemas within the LxWriterSettings.NamespaceMap
  • NEW Serialization support for snippets allowing processing of larger files
  • Improved Serializer error messages
  • Improved default element and attribute handling

JSON Schema Editor

  • NEW Json Schema Draft 2019-09 support
  • Improved intellisense

JSON Editor

  • Improved intellisense
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Fixed issue where JSON document would not remember user selected associated JSON Schema
  • Fixed issue with application error if user pasted invalid JSON

XML Editor

  • Improved selecting regions using the keyboard in Graphical Editor
  • Improved Select Schema dialog

XML Schema Editor

  • Added Spell Checker to Documentation Window and Annotations Dialog

Visual Studio Integration

  • NEW Json Schema Draft 2019-09 support
  • Added missing Json Schema 7 option
  • Fixed URL resolution issue when XSDs are loaded from URLs
  • Fixed issue where Web service browser was re-creating requests on load
  • Fixed issue for empty documents on load in Visual Studio 16.3 and later

General Improvements

  • Along with the new features outlined above, existing features have also been enhanced and improved with functionality requested by our users.