Friday, March 18, 2016

NEW JSON Schema Editor in Liquid XML 2016

NEW JSON Schema Editor

We are happy to announce Liquid XML 2016 is now available for download including a all new graphical JSON Schema Editor.

The new JSON Schema Editor abstracts away the complexities of JSON Schema structure by providing an intuitive graphical drag and drop user interface.

Graphical JSON Schema Editor

The Graphical JSON Schema Designer included in Liquid XML Studio massively simplifies visualizing, authoring and navigating complex JSON Schemas. The Graphical JSON Schema Editor provides an interactive logical view of the JSON Schema enabling simple and intuitive editing and validation of the JSON Schema, without compromising the ability to work with all the complexities of the Internet Engineering Task Force draft 4.0 JSON Schema Standard.

Comprehensive JSON Schema Validation

Support for the IETF draft 4.0 Standard

The JSON Schema Editor supports the IETF draft 4.0 Standard. The schema items are displayed graphically and can be edited and validated.

Errors and warnings are reported via the Error Window in real time, clicking on an error selects the source of the error in the Source and Logical (graphical) view.
Validate JSON Schema against the IETF draft 4.0 Standard

Get a free trial download and try the JSON Schema Editor functionality for yourself.