Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Liquid XML 2015 BETA

The final BETA is now available for Liquid XML 2015.

Download Liquid XML 2015 BETA

Thanks for all of the invaluable feedback we have received so far. We have tried to implement as many fixes and new functionality as possible to address the issues raised.

What's New for 2015?

Liquid XML 2015 extends and improves on the existing functionality by introducing other new tools and technologies that our users have requested in order to continue to make Liquid XML Studio the best value XML development environment available.

NEW Data Mapper Code Generation and Database/Flat File Support

The Graphical Data Mapper has been significantly upgraded to include new functionality for advanced Data Mapping.

C# Data Mapping Generator

C# source code can be generated to perform the data mapping as specified within the graphical editor.

XSLT Data Mapping Generator

XSLT source code can be generated to perform the data mapping as specified within the graphical editor.

Database Source Component

Database support has been added to allow you to read your source data from a database.

Flat File Source Component

Flat file support has been added to allow you to read your source data from a delimited or fixed field text file.

Auto-Connect Tool

New auto-connect tool makes it easy to connect large structures of data, automatically reconciling similar names items.

NEW JSON Text Editor

Text editor for JSON files includes color coding and code folding.

XML to JSON Import and Export

Import XML as a JSON document and export it back to XML. In the same way as the existing Import JSON to XML function.

NEW XML Data Binder Code Generation Support for WSDL

The Developer Edition XML Data Binding wizard now provides support for using the XSD embedded within WSDL files to generate the Data Binding library.

Web Service Interface

A new option has been added to generate a Web Service Interface in C# and VB .Net. This uses a Web Service WSDL to generate an interface which will bind directly to the web service using the Liquid Data Binding generated object library. The Wizard will also Auto-Filter the elements, only generating those required by the interface.

XMLSchemaProvider Attribute

A new option has been added to support the XmlSchemaProvider Attribute in C# and VB .Net. Previously if you wanted to use the Liquid Data Binding generated library in a Web Service, you had to add this support manually. The XSDs are also embedded in the generated library to support this feature, so no external web calls are required.

New Fixes and Improvements

Metro Light User Interface

The XML Studio now uses the Metro Light user interface style by default. The old interface can be selected form the Options dialog.

Improved Memory Management and Performance

Faster XML document load times and larger files supported in standard editor without the need for using the Large File Editor.

Performance Options

Added options to stipulate when features will be disable as file sizes increase and at what point the Large File Editor is invoked over the standard editor.

Synchronized XML Views

Clicking in the XML text view now synchronizes the XML Graphical view in the same way as the Graphical XSD editor.

General Improvements

Along with the new features outlined above, existing features have also been enhanced and improved with functionality requested by our users.