Monday, June 23, 2014

XML Editor Software Update 2 Performance and Stability Release

We are pleased to announce a new release of our XML Editor software, Liquid XML Studio 2014.

Update 2 provides better Performance and Stability for editing XML, XSD and WSDL documents and includes:
  • Faster XML Document Loads Times
  • Improved XML Document Validation
  • Improved Progress Monitoring from the Status Bar
  • Improved XML Breadcrumb Bar and XML Document Outline Tree node descriptions
  • Added Command Line support for opening multiple XML files
  • Added Windows Explorer support for opening multiple XML files
  • Added URL tooltips and colour coding to XSD Dependency Viewer
  • Removed diagonal lines from read only XSD items
  • Improved read only XSD item Tooltips
  • Improved default ordering of Error List
  • Improved Find in Files
  • Fix for Large File Editor stability
  • fix for WSDL editor with no schema section
  • Fix for opening empty XSD from WSDL
  • Fix for running XML Diff from inside XML Studio
  • Fix for Project file stability
  • Fix for SVN file monitoring stability
  • General improvements and fixes

Liquid XML 2014 Update 2 is FREE update for all 2014 license holders or those with current Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP).

Download a free Trial: