Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Liquid Studio 2017 BETA

We are pleased to announce the Liquid Studio 2017 BETA is now available for download from the BETA Download page:

New features for 2017 include:
  • NEW 64 bit Support
  • NEW RESTful Web Service Testing
  • NEW Data Mapper EDI Source and Target Components
  • NEW Data Mapper JSON Source and Target Components
  • NEW Data Mapper Database Target Component
  • NEW Data Mapper RESTful Web Service Component
  • NEW XML Data Binder .Net Portable Class Library Support
  • NEW XML Data Binder .Net Core Support
  • Plus many improved features and fixes.

64 bit Support

All Liquid Studio tools, Liquid XML Diff, Large File Editor, Liquid Data Mapper, and Liquid XML Data Binder now run natively under 64 bit processor environments providing improved performance and memory management.

Liquid Studio

Liquid Studio Web Service Test Client now supports calling RESTful Web Services using WADL or User Defined Web Service calls, along with the existing WSDL/SOAP based functionality.

Liquid Data Mapper

The Liquid Data Mapper has been significantly improved with performance and usability enhancements and now provides support for XML, JSON, EDI, Database, Web Service, CSV and Fixed length text data sources and data targets.

Liquid XML Data Binder

Liquid XML Data Binder now support generating C# source code for Xamarin iOS and Android and C# and VB.Net source code for Silverlight 5 as a Portable Class Library. We have also added support for generating C# source code for .Net Core. A Nuget package is available containing the Liquid .Net Runtime library for .Net Core environment.