Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Liquid Studio 2018 - Update 1

Liquid Studio 2018 - Update 1 (v16.1.0)

We are pleased to announce Update 1 of Liquid Studio 2018, adding new features and enhancements as requested by our end users.
  • NEW JSON support in XML Data Binder for C++, .Net and Java using ToJson() and FromJson() API methods.
  • Improved XML Data Binder Errors to include XPath or JSONPath to error location.
  • Fixed issue for BinaryData created with empty data in Liquid C++ Runtime.
  • Database Views can now be used as data sources.
  • Data Mapper Database Reader and Database Writer components can now use the app.Config to get the connection string.
  • Data Mapper Join now retains connectors when changing source.
  • Data Mapper Text Reader component can skip specified number of lines before reading data.
  • Added Data Mapper DateAdd component.
  • Fixed path resolution issues in Data Mapper.
  • Fixed copy and paste issue in Data Mapper.
  • Includes rollup of all previous fixes. 
This update is free for user with a current Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP).

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