Sunday, March 03, 2019

Liquid Studio 2019 v17.0.1

Liquid Studio 2019 - 17.0.1
  • NEW Liquid XML Objects
  • NEW Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Extension Support
  • NEW Dark Theme
  • NEW Excel Data Mapper Components
  • NEW VistaDB Support
  • NEW JSON Graphical Grid Editor
  • NEW XML Schema Set Editor and Validator
  • Added Data Mapper ReadFile component allows text files to be read as a string.
  • Added Data Mapper WriteFile component allows text to be written/appended to a file.
  • Added Data Mapper Output Param component allows the transform to return a results set.
  • Added Data Mapper Output data to CSV, EDI, JSON and XML writer components to allow data to be passed from the writer and used in another component rather than forcing it to be written to a file.
  • Added Data Mapper ReSync structure option in CSV reader allows changes in the structure of the CSV file to be re-read.
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