Tuesday, February 11, 2020

New Release Liquid Studio 2020 v18.0.1

NEW RELEASE Liquid Studio 2020 - 18.0.1

Liquid Studio 2020

Data Mapper

  • NEW PostgreSQL database integration
  • NEW VistaDB 6 database integration
  • Added SQLite libraries to installer
  • Added PostgreSQL libraries to installer
  • Added option to append to TextFile CSV Data Target
  • Fixed stack overflow issue when using large lookup lists
  • Fixed issue using SQLite from generated libraries
  • Fixed issue using VistaDB 5 from generated libraries
  • Fixed issues with data Encoding in XML Writer component

XML Data Binder

  • Added .Net Core 3.1 option for C# and Visual Basic .Net generated projects
  • Added ASYNC_FROMXMLFILE option for LINUX builds
  • Fixed missing Visual Basic .Net entries in command line processing
  • Upgraded C++ runtime to use Expat 2.2.9 for security fixes

Liquid XML Objects

  • NEW LjSerializer to Read and Write the XML Object Model as JSON documents
  • NEW Web Extensions to allows Liquid XML Objects to be used as arguments in an MVC or MVCCore Controller
  • NEW XSD Attributes to allow numeric formatting rules
  • NEW Caddy file to allow numeric formatting rule
  • Added thread safe code to LxSerializer
  • Fixed issue with pluralizing names

JSON Schema Editor

  • Fixed issue with dependencies not being written
  • Fixed issue with nested root schema references
  • Fixed issue with self referencing schema

JSON Editor

  • Fixed issue with using Ctrl+Tab
  • Fixed issue with overflow when reading decimal values
  • Fixed issue parsing decimals from a string with an exponent
  • Fixed issue deserializing empty array
  • Fixed issue deserializing empty string

WSDL Editor

  • Fixed issue loading WSDL containing embedded XSD where an import element's schameLocation has a relative path
  • Fixed issue with using soap:fault name attribute

WADL Editor

  • Fixed issue loading WADL containing embedded XSD where an import element's schameLocation has a relative path

Visual Studio Integration

  • Improvided usage in Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019 on High DPI monitors

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