Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Liquid Studio 2020 v18.0.3

Liquid Studio 2020 v18.0.3
  • Updated Oracle Database Provider to support ODP.Net Managed Driver, and added to install.
  • Updated MySQL Database Provider to support MySQLConnector, and added to install.
  • Fixed issue with app deleting Database Connections if connection does not work.
  • Fixed Schematron validation for 'report' elements.
  • Added Schematron support for 'role' attribute (fatal, error, warning, warn, information, info) to specify error level on 'assert' and 'report' elements.
  • Fixed issue with XSD 1.1 processing in Liquid XML Objects.
  • Fixed issue with Alternative intellisense options in XSD editor.
  • Updated Documentation.
  • General Fixes.
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