Tuesday, September 20, 2022

New Release - Liquid Studio v20.1.0

What's New from Liquid Technologies?

Liquid Technologies have announced the availability of Liquid Studio v20.1 and Liquid XML Data Binder v20.1, providing many new features and enhancements plus general performance and stability improvements.

The new release extends and improves on the existing functionality by introducing other new tools and technologies that our users have requested in order to continue to make Liquid Studio the best value XML development environment available.

Liquid Studio Framework

  • NEW Option to run multiple files from the Project Window
  • NEW Option to run XSLT from the command line
  • NEW Option to run XQuery from the command line
  • NEW Option to cancel opening a Database Connection
  • NEW Option to cancel opening Web Service Connection
  • Performance Enhancements for loading Database Connections
  • Performance Enhancements for loading Web Service Connections
  • Fixed High DPI issues

JSON Schema

  • Enhanced XSD to JSON Schema converter
  • Fixed issues with "definitions" and "$defs"
  • Fixed issues resolving items

JSON Editor

  • Fixed issues using relative paths to JSON Schema for JSON validation
  • Fixed issues pasting large data
  • Fixed issues with JSON spell checker

XML Schema Sets

  • Enhanced Hierarchy Chart now opens as a Schema Set showing dependency graph
  • Added ability to Print Preview Schema Sets
  • Fixed issues with printing Schema Sets
  • Fixed UI issues

XML Data Mapper

  • NEW Support for Abstract Elements (xsi:type)

XML Data Binder

  • NEW Linux Runtime support for gcc 12.2 / 11.3 / 10.4 / 9.5
  • Fixed issue with default enum values in C# and VB.NET
  • Fixed issue with Viewer Nuget linking to wrong Runtime version

XML Objects

  • Added Nullable Reference Types (NRT) option to Data Binder Wizard
  • Fixed issue with Nullable Reference Types (NRT) where declared type is required and abstract
  • Fixed issue where the property cardinality changes when it is overridden
  • Fixed issues with JSON serialization

Visual Studio Integration

  • NEW XML Schema Set view with dependency graph

General Improvements

  • Along with the new features outlined above, existing features have also been enhanced and improved with functionality requested by our users.

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