Monday, June 05, 2017

Liquid Data Mapper - Debugging Transforms

The Liquid Data Mapper makes building complex data transformations quick and easy, but before you start there are a few basic concepts you need to learn.

Step by Step Debugger

Running a transform is fine, but when things go wrong it’s useful to be able to step through the transform and see where and why the problem is occurring.

Stepping through transforms is also a great way to learn how the data mapper works:

Liquid Data Mapper - Debugging Transforms
Liquid Data Mapper - Debugging Transforms

Start Debugging by pressing F5 or F11 to start the debugger.

Once the debugger has started keep pressing F11 to move to the next step in the transform. A tooltip window provides a description of the current items value.

As the transforms become more complex it is useful to be able to set breakpoints. You can do this by selecting a connector or connection point and pressing F9 (pressing it a second time will remove it).

When you have a break point set pressing F5 will run until it is hit.
    F5 - Run (stops on break points)
    F9  - Set break point
    F11 - Step Into

When debugging you can explore the current state by looking at the Variables, Watch, and Call Stack windows.

A free trial of the Liquid Data Mapper is available from: