Monday, June 05, 2017

Liquid Data Mapper - First Transform

The Liquid Data Mapper makes building complex data transformations quick and easy, but before you start there are a few basic concepts you need to learn.

All Transforms are Target Driven, So you need a target component before anything will happen.
Data targets are shown in the ‘Component Palette’ (see the View menu if it’s not visible) and can be dragged onto the canvas to create them, upon creation a wizard to help you with the initial configuration is displayed.

The current list of data targets includes:
  • Database (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) Data Mapping Target
  • EDI (EDIFACT and X12) Data Mapping Target
  • JSON Data Mapping Target
  • Text files (Fixed field flat file and CSV) Data Mapping Target
  • Web Services (SOAP WSDL and RESTful WADL) Data Mapping Target
  • XML Data Mapping Target
This simple example shows an XML target based on the XML Schema 'Customers.xsd', populated with data taken from three constant values:
Liquid Data Mapper - First Transform
Liquid Data Mapper - First Transform

The sample shows some data being used to create an XML document, when you run the transform you will see the resulting XML document:

<!--Created by Liquid Data Mapper Libraries ( -->
        <Name>Joe Bloggs</Name>

Tip: You can execute a transform by pressing Shift-F5.

A free trial of the Liquid Data Mapper is available from: