Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Liquid Data Mapper - Sorting Data

The Liquid Data Mapper makes building complex data transformations quick and easy, but before you start there are a few basic concepts you need to learn.

Sorting Data

This example shows how to sort the ContactDetails data elements by name.

The Set based functions have an input Node, the output of the function is determined dynamically by what is connected to this input.

You can add additional 'order by' criteria by right clicking on the Sort Key and adding another sort key above or below it.

In this example, the data source is an XML file based on the same root element as the destination:
Liquid Data Mapper - Sorting Data
Liquid Data Mapper - Sorting Data
The sample shows XML data being used to create an XML document, when you run the transform you will see the resulting XML document sorted by the 'Name' fields:

<!--Created by Liquid Data Mapper Libraries (www.liquid-technologies.com) -->
        <Name>Aleshia Tomkiewicz</Name>
        <Name>Charisse Spinello</Name>
        <Name>Charlesetta Erm</Name>
        <PhoneNumbers>01276-816806 , 01517-624517</PhoneNumbers>
    ... etc ...

Tip: Execute the transform by pressing Shift-F5.
Debug the transform by pressing F5 to start the debugger
    F11 - Step Into
    F9  - Set break point
    F5 - Run (stops on break points)

A free trial of the Liquid Data Mapper is available from: